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About Medisuccess

An Expert Team with a difference

When we ask our medical professional client’s what their 3 biggest frustrations are

this is what they tell us:

  • I want to work less hours because I am shattered, tired and pay way too much tax.
  • My income is directly connected to hours worked (and that is why I cannot work less hours)
  • I do not have a plan to build wealth and what I am doing I think might be wrong.

Does this sound like you?

Here’s the thing.

If you work long hours it means you lose out on all the things in life you value, like spending time with the ones you love or going on holiday and then before you know it, its too late and you have lost the chance to cherish all those memories. How do you feel knowing that is what may happen?

If your income is directly related to the hours you put in, there is no light at the end of the tunnel. We know many medical professionals who want to retire but cannot because if they do the income stops. Do you want to be one of many medical professionals working because you have to not because you want to?

If you have no wealth plan how will you survive retirement. Will your Superannuation balance be enough? Will you be able to leave your loved ones a financial legacy? Because we know without a plan high income does not make you rich. High income is not wealth.

At MediSuccess we help you live the dream of working less hours, achieve financial freedom and build real wealth. And if we can reduce the amount of taxes you pay then that’s an added bonus.

How do we do that? Well, we have a 9 step process and we call it our Signature System. For more information about our Signature system click on the image.


We believe it in our duty to give back to those less fortunate than ourselves. As part of this belief Medisuccess has joined the B1G1 ‘Give a Million’ campaign, where our aim to make 1 million impacts to those in need.

Since March 2018 we have tracked the tax savings & profit improvement strategies we have put in place for our clients. You can see the savings & impacts on this page.


Joanne started with WOW! Advisors on the marketing side looking after social media and loves creating unique graphics. She proved she had great attention to detail and now not only looks after the marketing function but also the entire administration function of the firm.

Joanne loves cooking and gardening.  

Unusual fact:  Not a lover of sports but instantly became a soccer mom on her 46th birthday when her two boys joined a football team.

Zen Nambatac

Zen has been with the WOW! Group since 2013 and is our Administration Superstar.

Zen is active in her community and always willing to help others. Mother of five children with her 3 girls keeping her busy most of the time. Oh ….. she has so many pets we think operates a Zoo.

Unusual fact: Zen is an IT graduate and before joining the WOW! Group was a tricycle driver.

Mia Guo

Mia started as an Intern in 2016 and through personal dedication qualified as a CPA in 2021 and is our Business Services Expert.

Loves spending time with her young daughter and enjoying food with her Hubby who is a real ‘foodie’.

Unusual fact: Mia gets 2 birthday presents a year because she has 2 official birthdays. Apparently, there was a mix up and she has a ‘real’ date and an ‘official’ date.

Ros Park

Ros started as a graduate in 2014 and is a Qualified CPA and Senior Account Manager. She stay connected with all clients to make sure everything is running smoothly. 

She loves dogs and playing golf! 

Unusual fact: The Australian Government were not willing to renew her work Visa because they thought her written English was not adequate. She proved them wrong by qualifying as a CPA!


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